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  • 07/06/16--14:01: 60 Seconds With Frank Turner
  • Singer-Songwriter Frank Turner will soon release new LP ‘Positive Songs For Negative People’, but before that I grabbed a quick chat with the famed folk singer to discuss finding success and his ultimate deal-breaker. Frank you’ve enjoyed success in the music business for a number of years now, at what point did you really feel […]

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    Ever had that one relationship where you love someone deeply, but just don’t see eye to eye no matter how much you try? Well Dutch tech entrepreneur Johan Hagenbeuk has set out to change all that. The free PersonalityMatch app does what just about every over-priced therapist in the country does, so perhaps it’s time […]


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  • 02/20/15--02:25: PTB Meets Gail Porter
  • Any time I grab the chance to speak to a household name, I prefer speaking to those with character and life experience. After all, what can we really learn from the squeaky clean? Twelve years ago I sat in the audience of a now defunct celebrity game-show. An adolescent sixteen year old I gazed at a real-life […]

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  • 12/31/14--15:07: A Thank You To My Readers
  • As we start the countdown to 2015 I wanted to write a quick post with one very important message – thank you. For me 2014 has been a year of extreme highs and heartbreaking lows but my new found love of writing and the support of my readers has been by far my greatest highlight. […]

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  • 01/11/15--00:01: 24 Hours On Tinder
  • Many of you will know that I’m not the biggest fan of online dating. I’d describe myself as sceptical but open-minded. I’ve known so many people let down by the online process – conversations which held much promise quickly turning to bitter disappointment and regret. That being said there are many online success stories so […]

    800_505paultbellpeter-stackpole-unexposed-nude-woman-in-the-bathtub-amid-the-bubbles-while-smoking-a-cigaretteselfies-in-history-3images (1)800_505paultbellpeter-stackpole-unexposed-nude-woman-in-the-bathtub-amid-the-bubbles-while-smoking-a-cigaretteselfies-in-history-3images (1)

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  • 11/23/14--07:35: What My Father Taught Me
  • Some of you will know that my Dad passed away suddenly, two weeks ago today. It’s moments like this that we never ever forget in life and for so many different reasons. As a writer I couldn’t not write about this and as a son I couldn’t not share a little bit about the man […]


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    As X-Factor reaches the closing weeks of this years competition I decided to catch up with one of my all-time favourite contestants. “By any standard I have ever heard that was incredible” love him or hate him when music mogul Simon Cowell hits you with comments like this then you know you’ve got a little […]

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  • 12/17/14--01:16: Deciding What You Want
  • The older we get the more we begin to analyze what we really want in life, at least in my experience. The years of experimentation fade away and we start to consider our decisions with our heads firmly screwed on, perhaps for the very first time. Naturally I believe this applies to relationships just as […]


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    I had a really interesting question put to me this week and it wasn’t the first time I’d been asked this: “under normal circumstances, at what point is it OK to take things to the bedroom?” Now sex has always been a fascinating topic, in modern society sex often comes with a degree of judgement.…


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    How To Give The Best Blowjob Ever

    OK so it’s not what you think. Recently, the lovely folks at Marie Claire magazine gave me the challenge of writing this piece. Having never given a blowjob, I was of course hesitant and well not exactly keen to give it a bash, thankfully they just meant from a receivers point of view. So as much as I’m a tad…

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  • 12/13/16--03:14: PTB Meets Chloe Madeley
  • PTB Meets Chloe Madeley

    When it comes to dating and relationships they say we learn a lot from our parents, but what happens when your parents just so happen to be TV’s most famous husband and wife duo? Now a household name in her own right and with a growing fitness empire in tow, I caught up with Chloe Madeley to get her take…

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    Five Dating Mistakes (I Made)

    As a recovering serial dater I’ve had my fair share of stories to tell, mistakes to make and lessons to learn. Naturally, much of the above has been of great inspiration to my writing (even if it does mean revisiting some of my most embarrassing moments). I’ve always found dating to be fascinating. I understand why some people see it…

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  • 12/15/16--05:58: The Importance Of Flaws
  • The Importance Of Flaws

    “You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground” – it’s one of my favourite songs and seeing as it’s in the title of the song, I was inspired to think about ‘flaws’ in a little more depth. How we treat flaws goes back to that whole idea of nine…

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  • 01/08/17--11:52: The Single Resolution
  • The Single Resolution

    So we’re just over a week into the New Year and I wondered how many of us have already broken our resolutions? Yes, my hand is up. Understandable of course, it’s never easy but good on you if you’re smashing it. Resolutions I’ve found are often influenced by our relationship status and during a dinner conversation over the festive period,…

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    Be Careful Who You Sleep With

    We’ve all had dalliances we’ve regretted and usually for very different reasons. Last week I had the pleasure of catching up with an old friend, Alice, who was back in town visiting from her new Barcelona home (jealous much). Naturally we got reminiscing about some of our old shenanigans from back when we were just a pair of emo kids…

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    8 Peculiar Ways Guys Deal With Break-Ups

    Break-ups aren’t nice by any means, but they’ve always fascinated me. It’s incredible how being on the wrong end of a break-up can remove every shred of common sense or self-worth we proudly once had. Like everyone else, I too have been on the wrong end of break-ups and albeit a good few years back, some of my reactions still…

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    My First Kiss Went A Little Like This

    So I was walking through town the other day and I spotted the girl I shared my first ever kiss with. It was really strange as I literally hadn’t clapped eyes on her for what must have been about 17 years. At the time I was twelve, had just started first year and she was in third year – something which scored…

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  • 03/16/17--11:01: Why I Still Love Dating
  • Why I Still Love Dating

    So according to the statisticians at the most popular dating article online at the moment is ‘Why modern dating makes me want to punch myself in the throat’ which you can read here. Wow, yet another bash at the dating world. I honestly don’t know when everyone became so miserable about dating and why being single seems to be considered…

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    Going Speed Dating? Don't Forget Your Screwdriver!

    After reading my stories for the past three years you’ll all know by now how much I love the world of dating, right? Well for every memorable mishap and love story that’s happened to me many of you (understandably) still grumble that dating has become tedious, boring, predictable and ultimately a waste of time. Well as it happens those lovely folks at…

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    My Reality Dates Experience With

    So after all the hype I guess I should fill you in on my speed dating adventures with the folks at Match. As you may remember this was speed dating with a difference, instead of the usual face to face conversation, dates involved the construction of several items of furniture – and yes to my surprise I did return home…

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